Who We Are

Sasafrasnet is a licensed, wholesale distributor of superior BP and Mobil proprietary gasoline and motor fuel products, including a blend of bio-diesel fuels, aviation fuel and lubricants, and industrial plant and machinery lubricants. We distribute Unbranded Fuel for business, energy, and transportation sectors. At Sasafrasnet we are personally committed to the communities that we serve. 

Branded Stations

Sasafrasnet is a market leader of branded BP and Mobil retail gas stations in the State of Illinois. Our dealer network delivers clean fuel for our communities with superior, customer-friendly service. Our branded stations thrive because of our personal interactions and our investments in technology. Our network of station operators benefit from:

  • Real-time 24/7 fuel management
  • Timely relay of pricing changes
  • Informed business decisions that increase profitability
  • Streamlined communications over multiple platforms
  • Digital delivery of critical reports via secured intranet

Unbranded Fuel

Sasafrasnet distributes high quality, unbranded fuel for business, industry, and transportation sectors. We are committed to world-class service driven by our innovative solutions, automated systems, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. What makes Sasafrasnet, LLC different from other service providers in the industry?

  • Highest Quality Service and Petroleum Products
  • National Distribution Capabilities
  • Competitive Pricing
  • On Time Delivery
  • Advanced Technology
  • Supplier Diversity

Our Partners