About Us

Sasafrasnet is a licensed, wholesale distributor of superior BP and Mobil proprietary gasoline and motor fuel products, including a blend of bio-diesel fuels, aviation fuel and lubricants, and industrial plant and machinery lubricants.

Our Brands

SFN is the identity that represents any business offerings and services from Sasafrasnet, LLC. Our SFN “Clean Energy” logo is our signature brand. It symbolizes our values and reflects upon our commitment to superior service. The intersecting rings of our brand represent:

  • Continuous motion powered by high quality, clean petroleum products.
  • Fuel service and philanthropy to the diverse communities that surround SFN.


Sasafrasnet, LLC specializes in Crude Oil Transportation, including:

  • BP, ExxonMobil & Clark proprietary gasoline and diesel motor fuels
  • Bio-diesel fuel
  • Passenger vehicle lubricants
  • Heavy-duty lubricants for commercial vehicles
  • Industrial plant and machinery lubricants and aviation lubricants

We create value by safely distributing affordable, environmentally-friendly fuels that power performance and extend the life of the vehicles, equipment, and machines that we all depend on.

Esquire Petroleum, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sasafrasnet, LLC.