Branded Stations

We are a market leader of branded BP, Mobil, Exxon, & Clark retail gas stations in the State of Illinois. Our dealer network delivers clean fuel for our communities with superior, customer-friendly service.


Sasafrasnet, LLC is an industry leader for innovative solutions. We view our market distinction as a constant process of discovery that is predicated upon generating new insights about business, people and our environment. These insights are coupled with action, and therefore provide us with increased service capabilities which impact business results internally and externally.

Our branded stations thrive because of our personal interactions and our investments in technology. Our network of station operators benefit from:

  • Real-time 24/7 fuel management
  • Timely relay of pricing changes
  • Informed business decisions that increase profitability
  • Streamlined communications over multiple platforms
  • Digital delivery of critical reports via secured intranet


Sasafrasnet, LLC provides needed support for every gas station in our network. We recognize the difficulty and restrictions that gas station operators face. Our goal is to deliver solutions that will bring customers, foster loyalty, and improve the financial stability and sustainability of each business.

We provide our station operators with:

  • Customer Promotions
  • Service Awards
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Store Upgrades
  • Grand Opening Support
  • Public Relations Management