Community Involvement & Stewardship

At Sasafrasnet, LLC, our service commitment is guided by socially-responsible and ethical business practices, including strict compliance with all safety regulations. We proudly contribute to various philanthropic programs, and remain personally committed to the communities we serve.

In the past few years, more than $10,000 has been donated to schools in ExxonMobil Educational Alliance Program. We have also had our $12,500 donation to support Chicago schools matched by the BP Fueling Communities Education Grant.

Ulice Payne Jr, President of Sasafrasnet, LLC, enjoys spending time volunteering, teaching and speaking to students about the petroleum business at school career days. As a resource to students, Sasafrasnet, LLC is building an online knowledge center that stimulates the minds of students who are engaged in research or academic studies about the industry.

As a partner to the BP and Mobil brands, Sasafrasnet, LLC supports and extends its assistance to multiple fundraising initiatives throughout the year as a continuous service to the communities we represent.