Unbranded Fuel

Sasafrasnet, LLC distributes high quality, unbranded fuel for business, industry, and transportation sectors. We are committed to world-class service driven by our innovative solutions, automated systems, competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

Competitive Pricing

Sasafrasnet, LLC has the national distribution channels that ensure successful delivery on time with low transportation costs. Because we have access to multiple pipelines, we can minimize the distance required to deliver to your location and reduce your cost of transportation.

As a premier distributor we leverage our network of suppliers and industrial customers by aggregating our total volume of wholesale industrial contracts.

Aggregating our total volume improves our collective purchasing power, and allows us to buy and deliver at a lower market price. Consequently, all of our clients receive more competitive market pricing as we pass on the savings from our successful and growing client relationships.


SFN leverages the power of technology to deliver best-in-class service to our clients. We increase efficiencies by employing automated systems that facilitate fuel ordering, delivery and payment.

We can customize our automated invoices and billing to satisfy any government or corporate processing specifications.

Our fuel management technologies help simplify the purchasing process, making real-time, inventory monitoring applications and reports accessible to our clients.

Our partners ensure that we can provide secure and compatible interfaces for our clients:

  • Pinnacle Fuel Invoicing System – EDI capable software that uses automated invoice generation integrated to our client and pricing interfaces over secure server.
  • River Run IT Service – manages our collaborative IT network with business-wide intranet.